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Dr. E. G. Sherman, Jr
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March 29, 2015 at 10:45 AM
The Passion: A Week to Remember
Dr. E. G. Sherman, Jr. Sunday March 29, 2015
The Passion: A Week to Remember
“...Hosanna to the son of David,...” “Let him be crucified...” “And there followed a great company of people... and...“they crucified him. Matt. 21:9, 27:22, 28, Lk. 23:21,27.
Some historic events occur with a single night while 
others may last for several days. The sinking of the 
Titanic April 15, 1912 was a an historic overnight event. It 
was later a theme of the book, A Night to Remember, by 
Walter Lord. On that night 1500 lives were lost. Centuries 
earlier, there occurred a unique event that would last for a 
week that included the crucifixion of one person, Jesus. 
That week has become known as Passion Week. It starts 
on Palm Sunday, of which today is, and ends with the 
resurrection of Jesus. 
Our biblical seminar for today will explores some 
of the events that occurred during that week and, 
using as anchor - The Passion: A Week to Remember. 
This study will be undergirded by the following three 
objectives, namely: to identify and briefly characterize 
various permeations of people, to highlight some of the 
activities of Jesus during Passion Week, and to reemphasize 
the urgency of accepting the Passion as a week to 
Prior to delving into the subject - Passion: A Week to 
Remember, it is deemed appropriate to distinguish between 
the format for the biblical seminar and the regular sermon. 
The former consists of an introduction followed with a 
series of topics whereas the sermon presented in a 
narrative form. 
Against this contrast of the biblical seminar and the 
traditional sermon, attention will now be focused on 
the first dimension of the seminar which is - identify some 
forms that humanity may assume. Both the sociologists and 
the social psychologists agree that humankind gravitates 
into various forms. Some of the forms are: group, family, 
crowd, fellowship, gangs, mobs, and terrorist - to identify 
but a few. In the topic today, the pivotal human aggregates 
are the group and the crowd. That analysis will be followed 
with an overview of Jesus’ activities during Passion week. 
Although Jesus knew that the road to Calvary was awaiting 
him, he - nonetheless - continued to implement his earthly 
ministry and, in accordance with the Scripture, fulfilled 
his divine obligation ( 1st Cor. 15:3 ). As is recorded in the 
Scriptures, Jesus was resurrected from the dead and 
dwelt on earth for forty days before ascending into heaven 
( Act. 1:9 ) 
Lastly, this biblical seminar will beacon an urgent 
appeal to the fellowship here assembled along with the 
internet readers to remember and embrace the significance 
of Passion Week and its relevancy for everlasting life in 
the place where Jesus indicated that the was going to 
so prepare for all believers. 
Against the synopsis of these two concerns on the 
subject - The Passion: A Week to Remember, attention is 
called to the outline for this biblical seminar. PLEASE 

1410 North Slappey @ Eighth Avenue 
Albany, GA 31707 
Dr. E. G. Sherman, Jr., Pastor 
Biblical Seminar - 3/29/15 
“...Hosanna to the son of David,..”Let him be crucified...”“And there 
followed a great company of people...and...they crucified him”. 
Matt. 21:9, 27:22,28, Lk.23:21,27/ 
Topic - The Passion: A Week to Remember 
Passion Week covers one week starting with Palm Sunday and 
ending with the resurrection of Jesus. It was the week in which 
many of the proclaimers would demonstrate a major shift in opinion 
toward Jesus. Initially, the people spread palm branches while 
proclaiming Jesus as the son of David. Friday morning of the 
same week, many of those people called for the crucifixion of 
Jesus. They are known as the Hosanna Crowd. It was, also, during that same week that Jesus continued on his earthy ministry - a reality to remember! 

II. Selective highlights of Passion Week: 
A. The entry of Jesus and the crowd response - Matt. 21:9 
B. Jesus cleansed the temple - Matt. 21:12 
C. Jesus gave the Olive Discourse - Matt. 24-25 
D. Jesus instituted the Lord’s Supper - Matt. 26:26-29 
E. The agony at Gethsemane - Matt. 26:36:39 
F. The Hosanna crowd called for crucifixion of Jesus - Matt. 27:22 
F. Jesus crucified at Calvary - Matt. 27:35 

III. Jesus resurrected from the dead - Easter Sermon next Sunday, 
April 5, 2015. 
IV. Significance of our remembering and embracing The Passiion Week. 
V. Invitation to discipleship and benediction.
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