Institutional First Baptist Church Weekly Sermon
Delivered By
Dr. E. G. Sherman, Jr
Delivered On
February 1, 2015 at 10:45 AM
Heeding the Lord's Call
Dr. E. G. Sherman, Jr. Sunday February 1, 2015
Heeding the Lord’s Call
“And the Lord came, and stood, and called, as at other times, Samuel, Samuel, Then Samuel answered, Speak; for thy servant heareth” 1Sam. 3:10.
Our church is deeply honored to again have the blessed 
honor of hosting the Annual Scout Worship this morning. 
Although an official welcome has earlier been extended, 
this pastoral reaffirmation further signals Institutional’s 
pleasure in having you with us today. 
The sermon format today will differ slightly from the 
regular academic/theological approach and follow, instead, 
a pragmatic/illustrative style. Hence, while being strongly 
anchored in the Bible, it will include several present day 
illustrations. Additionally, it might include some “preaching” 
as several of the scouts so requested during our rehearsal 
the past Monday night. 
Having completed the preliminary remarks, attention 
will now be focused on the sermon which was entitled, 
Heeding the Lord’s Call. The word heeding means to listen, 
to take notice, to consider, and possibly to act in 
accordance with the message. It will include four concerns, 
namely: Samuel in childhood, childhood of today, Samuel 
as an adult, and the scouts as future adults. 
Prior to addressing these four concerns, attention will 
be focused on the word childhood. It denotes the first stage 
of life. It starts a birth and ends between 12 and 13 years of 
age. Childhood is a time of dependency, learning, and 
growing. It is also the period when the child experiences 
the warmth of family life, its place in the family, and the 
value of having parents who provide care, guidance, 
inspiration, and keeping the child within the family. 
Unfortunately, many are the children offered up for adoption, 
placed on the steps of an unknown home, and even illegally 
exchanged for a small sum of money. This voluntarily 
removal of a child from the family leads to the first 
concern of the sermon which is - The childhood of Samuel. 
Biblical history describes the account of a young child 
named Samuel. As promised by his mother, Hanna, he was 
carried from his home to live with the priest Eli. No accounts 
are given as to how he felt about being given away nor 
any negative behaviors toward Eli the elderly priest. Even 
as a child, Samuel loved God and respected people. He 
sought to be helpful to Eli and even placed his bed close 
to the priest so he could easily hear any call from Eli. 
One night the youngster heard his name being called. 
Immediately, he got up and say unto Eli, “Did you call me?”. 
Eli said no and told him to return to bed. Samuel did, but 
soon heard his name being called again. As in the first 
instance, he returned to Eli and asked if he had called him. 
Eli, recognizing that it was the Lord who called Samuel, 
told him to return to bed and if the voice was heard again, 
to say, “Speak Lord, for your servant hears”. 
Before highlighting some of Samuel’s later 
accomplishments, attention will be placed on the second 
concern of the sermon which is - your experiences as a 
child; this discussion is intended for our scouts. Fellows 
you are blessed with a family, a place to live, food to eat, 
a school to attend, and groups to join. Whereas Samuel’s 
mother - in keeping with her promise to the Lord - gave him 
to Eli, the priest, for religious service, there now exist 
laws that prohibit parents for just giving away their child. 
In fact, there are numerous laws, know as child abuse 
codes, designed to protect children from maltreatments. 
Returning to Samuel, the question becomes what did 
he accomplish after listening to the Lord. First, it must be 
noted that the Lord only spoken audibly until the birth of 
Jesus. Next, Jesus spoke on behalf of the Lord while He 
was on earth. After Jesus left the earth, the Holy Spirit 
speaks to person through their conscience. So fellows 
do not wait around to hear the Lord tell you what to do; 
instead, you must be guided by your inner self as the 
Holy Spirit speaks to you. There will be no voice as your 
parents, brothers or sisters, nor teacher. Instead, the 
voice comes as a thought in your mind and a judgement 
in your conscience as what to do or not to do. Fellows 
that is how God - using the Holy Spirit - speaks to 
humankind today. So the next time you plot to do something 
wrong and it seems that a thought appears that ‘you should 
not do that’. Well, fellows that’s the way the Lord now 
speaks to people. Therefore, you should give thought to 
you planned actions before preforming them. 
Back to Samuel, what were some of his 
accomplishments? He became a prophet, he wrote two 
books of the Bible, and he anointed Saul as the first king 
of Israel. In sum, Samuel loved God, listened to God, and 
obeyed God. 
Now, members of our Scouts, the final discussion 
is on you. Unlike Samuel, you have not been taken from 
your family and given to a pastor for religious service. 
You can not hear God speak because he no longer speaks 
aloud as did he during the Old Testament period. But, like 
Samuel, you are going to grow up and become a young 
man. In planning for that time, you should now be thinking 
about what you want to do in life; this includes your 
career, your help to others, and your worship of the Lord. 
You do not need to write additional books for the Bible. Yet 
there remains much for you to do. As youngsters, the Bible 
has some message for you in your growing up process; 
it calls on you to honor and obey your parents; it tells you 
to do unto others as you would have them do unto you; and 
it tells you to act as a child, thinks as a child, and 
understand as a child, but upon becoming a man to put away 
childish ways. Fellows, I know you can follow the biblical 
teachings, your parents have confidence in you, your scouts 
leaders have trust in you, and I utter prayers for you and 
will see you at our next Scout meeting. God bless!
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