Institutional First Baptist Church Weekly Sermon
Delivered By
Dr. E. G. Sherman, Jr
Delivered On
September 21, 2014 at 10:45 AM
The Holy Spirit
Dr. E. G. Sherman, Jr. Sunday September 21, 2014
But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name...John 14:26
There are many religions in the world. Most of them are centered on 
a Supreme Being, but a few are placed on earthly people. Christianity, as a religion, is based upon a God with three manifestations: God the Father, God, the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. These three titles are also known as the Holy Trinity; they are spiritual, interrelated, and eternal. Further, they are concerned about human welfare and, therefore, work on behalf of humanity. Unfortunately, these three forces: God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, are not equally talked about nor understood, especially the Holy Spirit. Since we Christians, are now under the reign of the Holy Spirit, it is highly desirable 
that we would seek to become familiar with the Holy Spirit. Our sermon, in this connection, will address this topic; it has been given the title, The Holy Spirit. 

Undergirding the sermon are three objectives: a) to enlighten us on the
Holy Spirit, b) to analyze some duties and powers of the Holy Spirit, and c) to encourage us to seek and utilize the Holy Spirit in our life. 
As background for the objectives and to introduce the major 
considerations of the Holy Spirit, a brief consideration will be given to key ingredients in religions. First, every religion has a founder; but Christianity as the only Religion whose founder was Jesus Christ. In general, the founder promises power and offers hope to His followers; but only Christianity enjoys power from on high. The religions also call upon their followers to experience ethical and moral growth; but Christianity has a spiritual power - the Holy Ghost - who helps His followers to become more Christ like. Lastly, every religion contains teachings about the end of life; but only Christianity has 
teachings about a source to preserve us until the end of life: that source 
is the Holy Spirit. Against this brief survey of religions, it can be easily concluded that Christianity has the best package of eternal benefits found in all of them. In this regard, we - Christians - need to become knowledgeable about the all phases of the Triune God. The most neglected and often misunderstood one is that of The Holy Spirit. Admittedly, our limited knowledge of the Holy Spirit has resulted largely from the Baptist exclusion of the topic. This approach is unsound and incorrectly taught as a topic for the Pentecostal 
denomination. In this regard, the untrained Baptist minister has avoided preaching about the Holy Spirit for fear of being labeled as sanctified.Such a view is unsound because sanctified merely means to be called out by God or to be set aside for spiritual service. In this regard, every Christian has the glorious opportunity to be governed by the Holy Spirit. Accordingly, the sermon focus will now explore three aspects of the Holy Spirit, the first of which is - 1. His origin - Kindly notice the word His and not it with respect to the Holy Ghost. The Bible presents God in the masculine gender as noted in John 
3:16 - God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son...This verse depicts Jesus as being a male and Jesus described the Holy Spirit as also being a male. Hence, the appropriate reference to the Holy Spirit is that of He rather than it. With respect to His origin, the Bible presents the Holy Spirit in Genesis 1:2 where it is recorded that the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. From that point on, the Holy Ghost was present in the Godhead but confined largely to eternal existence with the Father. After the resurrection as later ascension of Jesus, however, the Holy Spirit made His 
entrance to the earth where He is yet present. This divine event is described in Acts 2:1-4. Since that entrance, the Holy Spirit has been the dominant spiritual force on the earth and is constantly carrying on divine work on behalf of the children of God, including you and me. In order to carry on such activities, the Holy Spirit must have power - a fact that leads to the second consideration - namely 
2. His powers - The word power denotes ability, energy, authority, and will. The Holy Spirit has all of these capacities and they are reinforced by the Heavenly Father. Saint John sheds light on some powers of the Holy Spirit. He tells thatthe Holy Spirit has teaching power and will use it to teach us all things about the Father. By responding to this teaching power, we will begin to have 
spiritual understandings of the Scripture, of human nature, of our self, and the reality of life after death. John, in that same verse, tells us further that the Holy Spirit has memory stimulation power; hence, John records that Jesus said The Holy Spirit will bring to our remembrance spiritual principles that we have been taught. But beloved, the Holy Spirit will also bring to your mind information that you are trying to recall for a test; he will direct you to your misplaced car keys; he will clarify your earlier plans for the day; and he will function as an instance redial key for reaching the Heavenly Father. Later in his book, John tells of two other powers of the Holy Spirit in our life. In 16:8, it is recorded that the Holy Spirit has the power to reprove. This word, reprove, denotes the act of speaking to someone about misdeed; 
it also carries the power to rebuke, or to openly condemn a person about incorrect actions and thoughts. The Holy Spirit, in this regard, will reprove us of three misdeeds: sinful ways, false righteousness, and hastily judgments. In this process, the Holy Spirit may seem insensitive to our needs, but He is merely carrying out His divine obligation. In the meantime, however, the Holy Spirit is ready and anxious to be our divine teacher and guide. John 16:13 tells us that the Holy Spirit will guide us into all truth. To this end, the Holy Spirit will help us discern the right way to go; the appropriate words to us; the correct decision to make; and the right God to serve. The Holy Spirit plays a key role in our ultimate salvation. While we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we must nonetheless continue to live in a world filled with unpredictable, and often, evil people. Amidst such people, we may be inclined to do evil things and blemish our spiritual commitment. In essence, we could get awfully dirty spiritual. But the Holy Spirit - thanks be to God - has the power to seal us until the day 
of redemption. So the devil may block our path, an enemy may tarnish 
our name, a disappointment by weaken our confidence, and a lost may
threaten our welfare: but none of these negative experiences can draw 
our salvation from us because we are sealed by the Holy Spirit until 
the day of redemption. 3. His duration - The word, duration, refers to the length of existence.While Jesus had a short life span of 33 ½ years and million of people never had the privilege of seeing or knowing him, the Holy Spirit will reign on earth until the second coming of Jesus. This heartwarming fact is good news to everyone who loves the Lord and awaits him coming. It means that you and I, borne nearly two thousand years after Christ, yet have access to and protection by the Holy Spirit. He is today very much alive; He will be tomorrow 
very much alive; and he will be alive at the second coming of Jesus known as the rapture. At that time the Holy Spirit and the body of Christ, the Church, shall be taken out of the world. The certainty of this forthcoming reality was one of Paul’s messages to the people of Thessalonika when he penned, “The Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the 
Lord” ( 1st Thess. 4: 16-17 ). Amen!
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