Weekly Sermon
Delivered By
Dr. E. G. Sherman, Jr
Delivered On
January 13, 2019 at 10:45 AM
Facing Walls in 2019

Facing Walls in 2019

Facing  Walls During 2019
“Now Jericho was straitly shut up because of the children of hy shalt do six days…and on the seventh day…Joshua 6:1-4.
Life is an ongoing series of varied and often uncharted
experiences. In an attempt to cope with, assess, predict,
and even alter the realities of life, human kind has evolved
a series of check points. Included among the nationally
established indicators are: the new fiscal year that starts
July 1 each year; the governmental spending year that
commences October 1, and the New Calendar year that
starts on the first day of January.
Each of these realities is accompanied with memories
of the past, plans for the future, and some anxieties about
the uncharted courses, impending hurdles, looming dangers,
and forthcoming losses. Hence, greeting the New Year of

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2019 like the experiences of living, brings mixed reactions within the human group. Some individuals are optimistically
treading into 2019, some are pessimistically dreading the
pathway for 2019, and there are those who envision 2019
like unto the wall of Jericho. Our sermon, in this connection,
has been prepared to address not only these three groups,
but it is intended for humankind. It is entitled, Facing the
Walls of Life. The sermon will be under girded by the
following three dimensions: an overview of historic walls,
the wall of Jericho, and facing contemporary walls.
This first component will included a definition of the
word and, then, shift to some types and purposes of a wall.
The concept wall  refers to an erected structure designed
for various purposes. The wall is generally intended to
restrict human movement as seen in the Berlin Wall; it can

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be an instrument to enclose an entire nation as was the
case of Ancient China, for Centuries the inside wall of China
was used for posting information; the wall can, also, be a
place for religious praying as is the Wailing Wall which
“ is the holiest shrine of the Jewish world.” , and in
contemporary America, there is the great community wall
the control access to the neighborhood.
From the human perspective, the wall creates many
encumbrances, some of which are: it restricts movement,
it blocks visions, it inhibits spontaneity, it breads lethargy,
and its stifles self actualization.
As used in the sermon today, wall refers to a psych
social mind set that we have toward our experiences
during 2019 and beyond. The focal question is do we feel
optimistic about our endurance, or are we pessimistic

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and resigned to mere move from day to day? Hopefully,
the sermon will further energize those with a positive
outlook and recover those lost in doubts. This intent
leads to the second concern of this sermon which is
highlights on the wall of Jericho.
As noted in the early read textual basis for this
sermon, the account of Joshua and the battle of Jericho
is recorded. Joshua (6:1-4 ).Therein is found the episode
of the Israelites after their entrance to the Promised Land.
Joshua is the central personality in this biblical event.
Numerous are the legends, accounts, and even songs about
Joshua, probably the most readily remembered one is
Joshua fought the battle and the walls came thumbing down
– a song that is joyfully sung, but biblically incorrect for
God’ s power and the people’s marching, in accordance with

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God’s earlier instruction, caused the walls to collapse
( Joshua 6:20 ). Beloved, Joshua was Moses’
successor, he lead the Israelites across Jordan into
Canaan, he coordinated the march around the Jericho
Wall, but he later died, a reality that awaits all mortals.
But his life leaps across the annals of time and speaks
loudly to us with guidelines for facing wall in 2019,
which is the closing aspect of this sermon. It beacons to
us to anticipate some walls during this and future years;
the walls may include health challenges, financial
constraints, employment termination, domestic
misunderstandings, misrepresentations, accidents
and death losses- yet, like Joshua, we must look unto the
hills from whence cometh our help. Let us never become to
arrogant as to believe that we, alone, can change our

destiny; instead, let us, like Joshua, look beyond the wall
and see spiritual help ( Joshua 5:15 ). Amen
In closing, this sermon entitled “ Facing Walls during
2019″ brief attention must be focused on some walls during
historic times and ending with the contemporary wall of
As recorded in World History, there have been several
historic walls, some of which are the Great Wall of China,
the historic Wall of Berlin, the Religious Wall of Jerusalem,
and the highly publicized wall of Trump. None of the cited
walls have been more falsely publicized than the current
wall of Trump. He has corralled the Republican leadership to a “bunch of knee babies” and closed down the Federal
Government. This : Childless Act, while so inhumane, is like
a child taking his ball – except the ball dose not belong to

p. 7
to him. Oh God, bless the innumerable workers who received
no pay check this week. I, reverently, pray for the
appearance of the Christmas, “ The Christmas Bells” to
be actualized, “ God is not dead, nor does he sleep, The
wrong shall fail, the right prevail, with Peace on Earth
Good Will toward men.” May God bless us American, and
the Peoples of the World, while keep the Anti Christ under


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