Weekly Sermon
Delivered By
Dr. E. G. Sherman, Jr
Delivered On
October 21, 2018 at 10:45 AM
The Etrenal Lamp Lighter

The Eternal Lamp Lighter
“ He was not that Light, but was sent to bear witness of that Light.” John 1:8
I have heard of a folklore entitled “The Lamplighter”. The
account occurred during the Victorian Era in London. As
articulated in the episode, there was a young lad who would
leave the family evening meal as the day light would
gradually give way to the impending darkness. One evening,
the father later followed the youngster. Much to his surprise,
he found the lad gazing at the lamplighters as they dutifully
lite the oiled lamps upon the lamp post. The father asked
him as to why he was so fascinated by the process and the
son said, “ I like to see the man push up light in the
darkness, because as he moves along he leaves light behind
Out of intellectual curiosity, I did a web search of the
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topic “The Lamplighter” and, as a theologian, and
immediately, recalled Biblical references involving light
that could be structure into a sermon.  Such an endeavor
seemed timely since the destructive pathway of Hurricane
Michael, including the our city of Albany, GA. Numerous
were the residences who experienced nights of darkness.
As the lights “came back on” whether they envisioned it
or not, The Triune God, was “The Lamplighter”.
Accordingly, I have chosen as a sermon for today entitled,
“ The Eternal Lamp Lighter”.  It will include the following
parameters, namely: the fear that gripped residents in
London at night during the Victorian Era, the Old Testament
account of Light, some New Testament teachings on Light,
and our awareness of two types of Lights.
Having delineated the four dimensions of this study
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on the Eternal Lamp Lighter, attention will be directed to
the analysis of this study. As earlier noted, the concept –
Lamp Lighter – originated during the Victorian Era in London.
It was in response to a need for some protection of those
persons who desired to stroll after sundown or early
darkness. The initial response was to hire young boys as
the guards, but in the process of time, some of those guards
became robbers. Hence, the governing board came up with
a plan to place tall posts along the roads most travel. On top
of the post was affixed an oil lamp that had to be lit by the
person climbing up a ladder. The process was repeated the
next morning. His title was that of the Lamp Lighter. Taking
a quantum leap to contemporary times, the practice is that
of having automatic electric lights, but vulnerable to storms
and hurricanes.

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Moving to the second dimension of this sermon which
is – The Old Testament account of light. In Genesis, the Book
of Creation, it is recorded that, “…God said, Let there be
light: and there was light”. ( Gen. 1:3 ).  “And God called the
light Day and the darkness Night.” ( Gen. 1:5 ). Between
the Book of Genesis and Malachi are innumerable
references to God as the source of light, one of which is
herein cited, Psalm 27: 1 The Lord is my light and my
salvation: whom shall I fear?.
Admittedly, only brief attention was devoted to the
second parameter of the sermon, but the decision is viewed
as appropriate since the references in Genesis established
the divine origin of light, day, and night. The third aspect
of the sermon will be more extensive since it brings Jesus
into the New Testament perspective on light, day, and

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night.  The Bible asserts that John, “ came for a witness
to bear witness of that Light – Jesus -” John 1:8. It was,
Jesus, God’s Son, who would be given as the Lamp Lighter
for fallen humanity could see, and choose if interest in –
Eternal Life. ( John 3:16 ). During his earthly ministry, Jesus
taught, demonstrated, and suffer crucifixion – all to become
the Lamp Lighter for humanity to symbolically turn from the
pathway of sin and commence to tread the pathway to
eternal life. This glorious fact leads to the final aspect of
the sermon on the Eternal Lamp Lighter.
This closing section is undergirded by a teaching of
Jesus involving day and night. We, too, must heed Jesus’
assertion, “ I must work the works of him that sent me,
while it is day; the night cometh, when no man can
work”. ( John 9:4 ).  Beloved, have you heeded this somber
p. 6
warning?  If not, I remind you of an old worship song, Don’t
let it be said, too late, too late, I have no golden gate. If,
on the contrast, you are on the Lord’s side, take comfort in
the words, God will take care of you because He sees you
from The Lamp Lighter’s Post. Amen!

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