Weekly Sermon
Delivered By
Dr. E. G. Sherman, Jr
Delivered On
September 2, 2018 at 10:45 AM
The Rebirth: A Biblical FACT!

The Rebirth: A Biblical FACT!
“…Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdomof God”.  John 3:3.
The textual anchor for this sermon is preceded by an
Old Testament reminder that there is “ a time to be born,
and a time to die”. ( Eccl. 3:2.) Collectively, these citations remind humankind of the reality of death and the
requirement to see the kingdom of God fact.
The certainty of death is widely seen in the obituary
column of newspapers, funerals, burials, and visits to
grave sites of family members and friends. During the
past week, two widely publicized funerals were held
of worldwide known persons: Aretha Franklin – Friday,
The Queen of Soul and Saturday, Senator John McCain.
But during that week, many funerals were held here in
Albany, Georgia. Hence, death is a fact as can be


p. 2
witnessed on earth, but the rebirth can be experienced
only by accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior. ( Rom.10:9 ).
Beloved this is a fact, not an alternative fact, not fake
news,  a fact is not a fact, nor fake news. Instead, it is      an eternal fact as certified by Jesus who said, “…Till
heaven and earth pass one jot or one title shall in no
wise pass…”. ( Matt. 5:18).  Accordingly, the sermon today
has a twofold purpose, namely: to commend the believers
who have accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior – being born
again and, secondly, to plead with the unsaved to pray
for conviction by the Spirit to be born again and experience
the rebirth. To undergird these two purposes, the sermon
has been entitled, The Rebirth: A Biblical Fact. ( John 3:3,5 ).
The sermon will be anchored by the following three
considerations: what is the rebirth?, why is it important?,

P. 3
and what is your status regarding the rebirth? This sermon
may well seem like a combined study of history, philosophy,
and theology since the concept, rebirth, is a concept used
in each of these disciplines. However, the ultimate focus for
today is rebirth as taught in theology, or as presented in the
Bible. Against the explanation, attention is now focused on
the first question which is What is the rebirth?. Although this
word is usually thought of with the context of Christianity, it
is widely used within the context of history. Within the
evolution of historical periods, there was a period known as
The Renaissance. It was the so designate to emphasize the
“Rebirth of Ancient Learning”.  From the fall of the Roman
Empire to the beginning of the Renaissance, classical
learning had been non existence in the arena of learning.
Excluded were literature, history, philosophy, and religion.
P. 4
But with the Renaissance – rebirth of ancient learning – the
literary phase of education was resurrected. Sadly, many
individuals may be unable to experience the classical
graduate education owing to financial limitations or just
a lack of career interest. Fortunately, the Rebirth
proclaimed today is available to anyone who desires it.
This Rebirth, theologically, is “the act of delivering from sin
or saving from evil…”. This Rebirth was taught by Christ and
it is available to anyone who “…shalt confess with thy
mouth the Lord Jesus that God hath raised him from the
dead, shall be saved.” ( Rom. 10:9 ).   This Biblical assertion leads to the second dimension,
Why is the rebirth important? As result of the Original Sin
being committed in the Garden of Eden, the whole of
humankind was born as ‘sinners’ . God, in the process of
p. 5
provided the Sacrificial Lamb to atone for anyone who so
desired the Rebirth. ( John 3:16 ) and ( Rom. 5:8 ). The
Hymn, There is a fountain filled with blood, often sung
in Communion Ceremonies, is a reminder to the believer
of the Rebirth along with the access to it.
Before turning to the third and final parameter,
brief attention will be focused on an educated ruler of
the Jews who sought Jesus by night regarding the
requirement to enter. ( discuss John 3:1-10 ).
Returning to the printed text, the final concern is,
What is your view of the rebirth? Have you accepted the
New Birth?, do you live according to requirements of the
New Birth?, are you puzzled by the New Birth?  In response
to these and others not listed, the sermon will close by
calling attention to The Rich Young Ruler encounter with


p. 6
Jesus as recorded in Luke. (18:18 ).
In conclusion, what is your view or position on The
Birth?  Amen!

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