Institutional First Baptist Church Weekly Sermon
Delivered By
Dr. E. G. Sherman, Jr
Delivered On
July 19, 2015 at 10:45 AM
The Spiritual Basis of Healing
Dr. E. G. Sherman, Jr. Sunday July 19, 2015
The Spiritual Basis of Healing
“For she said, If I may touch but his clothes, I shall be hold.” Mark 5:28.
The American population is becoming older; it is 
living through many years of retirement and blessed with 
pensions to sustain its existence. While this increase 
in longevity is an enjoyable experience, it does come with 
an ultimate host of problems known as the decrements 
of aging. 
To maintain their well being in later life, people are 
inclined to be dietary conscious, exercise, consume vitamins, 
and even increase their sleeping period. These and other 
initiatives are effective but for a while. Inevitably, some 
types of systemic problems will surface. The first response 
is to visit their primary care physician. This action is 
appropriate but the aging body will soon acquire a sort of 
domino effect. More doctor visits, more technical tests, 
more prescriptions - yet the aging process continues on 
its pathway. In response to this reality and even in the 
younger years a somber question is germane; it is what, 
if any, reliance does the person have in the power of 
prayer to bring about some relief or power to endure the 
pains? Our sermon for today was written to explore some 
attitudes toward and utilizations of prayer, especially in 
times of illness or other problems. It was entitled, The 
Spiritual Basis of Healing. It will encompass three 
considerations of spiritual healing, namely; spiritual 
healing during the sojourn of Christ on earth, spiritual 
healing as focus of the church, the tenacity to remain 
spiritual focus even when healing seems unattainable. 
As background for the sermon attention is called to 
to the textual anchor. It is lifted from the Gospel of Mark 
whose book, although 2nd in the New Testament, is viewed 
by many theologians, it the first writing of the New 
Testament . While each of the writers presented Christ 
in a slightly different context, Mark’s focus was on the 
works of Jesus and he, therefore, presented him as he 
performed miracles in the various areas of cleansing and 
healing. While recognizing the divinity of Jesus, Mark 
saw him as a divine source to bring about desired changes 
in the life of the sick. This fact leads to the first concern 
of the sermon which is - spiritual healing during the sojourn 
of Jesus on earth. The Gospel of Mark focused on the 
healing power of Jesus. In the first chapter of his book, 
Mark reported on several instances of miracles that 
Jesus performed in the span of one day. He wrote that 
on the next day, “Simon and they that had found him, they 
said unto him, ‘All men seek for thee’. Jesus said unto them 
“Let us go into the next towns, that I may preach there 
also: for therefore came I forth” ( Mk. 1: 37-38 ). In 
responding to that order, Jesus - as viewed by Mark - would 
trust himself into the ministry of healing and preaching. As 
noted in the textual anchor, Mark recorded the miracle that 
occurred when the woman with a blood of twelve years 
merely sought to touch the helm of Jesus’ garment did so 
and, immediately, she was healed. Jesus, in the meantime, 
discerned that virtue had gone out of him inquired ‘who 
touched me’. The entire response is there but not here 
included in the sermon - but she was healed spiritually via 
faith. This glorious fact leads to the second concern of the 
sermon which is - Spiritual healing in the church and, also, 
the secular (worldly ) arena. It is somewhat risky to specify 
the beginning of spiritual healing as a focus of the church. 
However, it is possible to indicate the advent of spiritual 
healing in the church during the 20th Century. The late Oral 
Roberts with his tent, later by radio, and finally television 
must be acknowledged as the preacher who actualized, 
popularized, and institutionalized spiritual healing as 
experience within the church. As was true of Jesus, Oral 
was criticized and his teachings rejected, but he stayed the 
course. Further, he established both an institution of higher 
learning and a medical facility that bear his name. There 
are other well known religious persons current involved 
in the ministry of healing. Additionally, there are some 
denomination where spiritual healing as a component of 
their worship. There is, unfortunately, a non church 
anchored type of quasi spiritual healing. It assumes forms 
that includes, secular offices, media broadcast, and even 
store front churches. An assessment of this type of 
commercialized spiritual healing is beyond the scope of this 
sermon. Instead, attention will now be drawn to the last 
phase of this sermon which is - the tenacity to remain 
spiritual focused even when the desired outcome seems 
elusive. It is an unfortunate fact that our society has 
become so worldly focused that we expect instant 
answers to questions, GPS guidance for travel, a Google 
search for information, a charge card for purchase, 
a smart phone for communication, a lawyer for litigations, 
a security system for our home, access to the 
comprehensive medical complex for our health, oh yes, 
and a worship center for our use as needed. Such an 
ideal setting is but a remote dream! Remember a saying of 
old - Into every life some rain must fall. Well beloved, the 
rain can fall even at unpredictable times and remember 
herein rain is used to denote disappointments, troubles, 
trials, tribulations, and lingering illnesses. Oh yes, the first 
reaction is to seek professional services; they may be 
a partial solutions but the ailment is continuing on its way. 
Alas, the recognition is discerned that prayer is needed 
to dissolve or mitigate problem. Thus an aggressive 
prayer practice is instituted. First, maybe just in the 
mind, the prayer seems to be working, but soon the 
problem shows signs of increasing its grip. The initial 
response is that of denial but time soon reveals the 
intensification of the problem. What then should be the 
response? Don’t give up on prayer, don’t resort to 
self appraisal of self worth and how could that happen 
to me. Instead, try to have the faith of Job who said, 
“Tho he slay me yet will I trust him”. Finally, beloved 
never forget that spiritual healing is under of God’s 
will; he knows just how much you can bear; he will 
sustain you through the darkest night; and when it is 
his will he will bring you from the agony of pain into 
a home just over in the glory land. Amen
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